Missing Lateral Incisors: Causes and Treatment

Missing your lateral incisors? Bellevue Hill Dental offers a variety of safe and effective treatment options to help you address this common cosmetic concern.

Missing Lateral Incisors Causes and Treatment

If you were born with missing lateral incisors, you might have wondered if there are any treatment options. Missing lateral incisors can leave you lacking confidence in your smile. While these missing teeth do not pose a health risk, many people seek cosmetic improvements. Luckily, there are several treatments available to address missing lateral incisors. While various conditions can cause missing teeth, most cases of missing lateral incisors are present at birth.

Over the past 70 years, our Bellevue Hill Dental team has seen it all regarding dental concerns. If you’re seeking treatment for missing lateral incisors, we can help! Keep reading to learn more about our approach to treatment.

What Causes Missing Lateral Incisors?

A person may have missing lateral incisors for various reasons. Most commonly, missing upper lateral incisors are present from birth due to genetic reasons. This condition, known as hypodontia, is most often linked to family history. However, other conditions can also increase a person’s risk, such as low birth weight or other genetic disorders like Down syndrome. In addition to missing upper lateral incisors, some people with hypodontia may not have lower or upper second premolars.

Hypodontia is usually present from birth. However, in some cases, babies or young children can develop this condition due to certain illnesses, infections, or treatments that occur as their teeth develop.

Treatment for Missing Lateral Incisors

The best treatment for missing lateral incisors will depend on your individual situation. To determine the best course of treatment, Bellevue Hill Dental will first examine your facial profile and arrangement of teeth. Based on your anatomical structure, we may recommend either opening the spaces to place dental implants or closing the gaps between your teeth.

Treatment for adults and children will vary, as the mouth and jaw of children are still in the process of development. Our highly-qualified team will walk you through the suggested treatment to address your missing lateral incisors.

Open the Spaces (Before Dental Implants)

At Bellevue Hill Dental, one of the most common treatments for missing lateral incisors involves opening up spaces in the mouth to create room for dental implants. Using a fixed bridge, patients can achieve aesthetically pleasing results to help achieve the perfect smile.

This procedure, sometimes referred to as a wing bridge, bonds teeth together using a wing placed in the inside portion of teeth. Placing a dental veneer in the space allows patients to speak more clearly and chew easier. However, not all patients are candidates for dental implants for missing lateral incisors. A trusted dental professional at Bellevue Hill Dental can help you determine the best course of treatment.

Close the Spaces (Braces)

In some cases, braces for missing lateral incisors can close the spaces from the missing teeth. Patients seeking braces for missing lateral incisors will have a longer treatment than the dental implant option. This will depend on how large of a gap is present. To close the spaces, canine substitution serves as a replacement for the missing lateral incisors. These teeth can then be reshaped for improved cosmetic results. Treatment by closing the spaces is ideal for patients with naturally smaller-shaped canines.

The Benefits of Early Treatment for Missing Lateral Incisors

Early treatment for missing lateral incisors can deliver more promising results. Parents or caregivers should seek dental evaluation for their child as soon as possible once identified that their child does not have lateral incisors. An experienced dental professional, like our team at Bellevue Hill Dental, can provide suggestions for appropriate treatment options as your child’s jaw is still developing.

We Offer Treatment for Missing Lateral Incisors

If you’re considering treatment to address your missing lateral incisors, we can help! Bellevue Hill Dental offers comprehensive dental evaluations to help you explore all possible treatment options. 

Our dental experts offer several methods of treatment to help you address your oral concerns, including missing lateral incisor veneers. To learn more, visit our website or our Facebook page to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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