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At Bellevue Hill Dental, we understand the importance of those first few visits in shaping children’s attitudes and comfort towards dental treatment. Our philosophy is one of ‘child first, patient second’, which means that we take the utmost care to ensure your little ones feel safe and comfortable throughout any dental procedure in children’s dentistry. Many adult patients recount the terrors they experienced as a child visiting the dentist, and the legacy of anxiety that they carry coming to the dentist today. We commit ourselves to making sure each visit is as fun and stress-free as possible.


Many people ask: “what is the correct age to bring a child to visit the dentist?”. Generally, between the ages of two and four years is ideal. When baby teeth have developed, children can come in to meet the dentist, have a ride in the dental chair and if comfortable, have their teeth examined.


  • It is important that we see children early, to familiarise them with the atmosphere and tools of the dental clinic. Baby teeth, or milk teeth, are important to keep healthy for a number of reasons:
  • They help to maintain space for adult teeth to erupt later on – losing these teeth early can affect the orthodontic position of the adult teeth
  • Baby teeth are important for speech development and making sounds
  • Baby teeth help children chew food well and develop the facial muscles
  • Social anxiety may occur if baby teeth are lost early and teeth are missing for longer than necessary

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