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Fix my Smile

Are you dissatisfied with your smile, but not exactly sure why? Or, do you have other specific concerns about your teeth?


  • Are they crowded and rotated?
  • Do they appear dark in photographs?
  • Do you have gaps that limit your confidence when smiling?
  • Have you had previous orthodontic treatment but your teeth are now crooked again?
  • Do you dislike the general shape or size of your teeth, or your smile?


There are many issues that may be concerning patients about their smile. With careful planning and communication, many of these can be corrected with dental treatment to give patients confidence in their appearance.

Did you know that after your eyes, your teeth are the next thing that the human eye subconsciously scans when meeting someone new?

When planning aesthetic treatments for patients, the dentists at Bellevue Hill Dental take a full record of your previous dental history and treatment, and discuss your current concerns. Digital photographic records are taken to assist in planning appropriate treatments to suit your needs. If needed, planning is coordinated with our dental laboratory, and a ‘mock-up’ of your projected outcome can be seen before treatment is commenced. There are many different ways to improve a smile; with careful planning and joint discussion, you and your dentist may find a treatment that suits your needs and restores your confidence in your smile once more.

“A smiling face is a beautiful face”

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