Is your mouth Healthy?

A blue toothbrush with a mint toothpaste

Reports in March found that only half of all Australians brush their teeth twice a day! This is leading to significant reports of decay through-out the country.

‘Why should I brush twice per day?’ I hear you ask.

Brushing your teeth twice per day may seem like a chore right now but, I’m hoping by the time you’ve finished reading this that you would have changed your mind!

Brushing your teeth twice per day minimises:

• Plaque build-up
Tooth Decay
• The risk of gum disease
• Staining on teeth
• The chances of Dementia
• The chances of major illnesses
• Affects to born and un-born babies
• Smelly Breath

Here’s what you don’t know…

What most people don’t know is that having an unhealthy mouth does not only affect your mouth, but it can also have a detrimental effect to the rest of the body. Bacteria from plaque can enter your blood stream and effect babies in the womb. Not only that, bacteria in the blood can build up cholesterol in the arties which could lead to stroke or a heart attack even! Therefore, it is best to keep plaque at bay, especially if you are over 50. And to do this, brushing twice per day is imperative.
By brushing twice per day, we also save money! Yes, you’ve got that right- saves us money! Dental treatment can end up costing a lot however, if we are doing our homework i.e brushing and flossing whilst also having regular maintenance visits then we should never ‘feel the pinch’ when visiting our dentist.
At Bellevue Hill Dental we’re regularly asked similar questions with regards to brushing our teeth and oral hygiene. We asked Dr Heather Mueller if she could give her advice with some of them that may help you at home.

‘When should I brush my teeth?’

‘Brushing at night keeps your teeth and brushing in the morning keeps your friends!’
Whilst we can have a joke about this, the morning and night rule applies if you want to maintain a healthy mouth long-term.

Brushing your teeth twice a day

‘When should I floss?’

‘Flossing at night is most effective but we would don’t want to discourage you from flossing. So, our challenge to you to floss once per day, whenever you can!’

‘It bleeds when I brush/floss. Is that normal?’

‘The cause of bleeding is a build up of bacteria (plaque) and this upsets your gums. Brushing and flossing twice per day should reduce this bleeding. If it does bleed, the worst thing you can do it stop brushing!’

‘Should I use a soft or medium tooth brush?’

‘Plaque is soft therefore a soft toothbrush should sweep it all away and not damage your gums’

‘Is an electric or manual tooth brush better?’

‘Electric. You can achieve the same outcome with a manual with the right technique brush but electric makes it easier for you to achieve a great outcome!’

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